Our Philosophy

ProGreek is a company founded on the principles of Ubuntu & designed help Latino Greeks identify themselves, build community, & fundraise efficiently.

We express the principles of our philosophy through 4 symbols of the I-Ching.

The I Ching, also known as the "Book of Change" , is an ancient collection of 64 hexagrams or combinations of 6 yins/yangs. Hexagrams 8, 9, 34, and 45 highlight the 4 major principles that all Cabrera Foundation enterprises are based on.


People meet, and then gather. When people meet and get together, they form a group. Gathering leads to success; the king comes to have a shrine. Kingship is a metaphor for a way to gather together all under heaven, and coming to have a shrine is a metaphor for its culmination. The way must be able to unify the aspirations of the people, many though they be; able to induce sincerity and seriousness in the human mind.


Whenever there is a group, there is closeness, which means friendly assistance. People should be friendly and assist each other; only then can there be peace and security.


When people stick closely to one another they gather into a group; this is a meaning of development in the sense of nurturing. Also when people are close to one another, their aims build each other up, another reason for Small Development to follow closeness.


Acting with strength is the meaning of great power. The path of great power is beneficial to those who use it correctly. If it is not used correctly, it becomes mere force, which is not the power of the Way of enlightened leadership.